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Tell Your Story.

Shorti wants to change the way you tell stories.

            Shorti will give more creative features to the writers than any other mobile app platform, by allowing writers to embed pictures, gifs, and videos into the words of their story as well as offer an audio book feature.

Coming Soon Updates

1500 Words

We wanted to challenge the writers to capture the reader’s attention with a more convenient format for readers.

Sell your Shorti’s (COMING SOON)

Offering our writers an opportunity to be Shorti Partners gives writers an opportunity to monetize their short stories.

Build an Audience

One of the primary focuses of Shorti is to help our Writers grow larger audiences and create writing communities.

Embed your Imagination (COMING SOON)

Shorti will offer writers more creative control in their story telling, by allowing writers to share visuals with their audience.

Learn how to grow an Audience through mobile.

If you wanted to know what you can do to build a bigger audience, or what platforms, or writing communities are out their to engage with check out this blog.

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