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Welcome to BrownBoxStudios


App Development

We specialize in mobile app UI/UX(design) and Development.

Web Development

We host and develop custom websites that support your business needs.


We manage social media ad campaigns, build your brand recognition and online presence, work with Google Adwords and Search Engine Optimization .

BrownBoxStudios Apps

Our apps our designed with Innovation in mind. The Foundation on the company was to see what we could do when we combine imagination with Technology. Aggiesland was the first app we ever built, and 5 years later we have gained a tremendous insight on what it takes to make great apps for users.

Aggiesland | Shorti | HopPop | The Finance Bar

Let Us Help

BrownBoxStudios Websites

The custom theme uses your logo and a color palette for branding. The site will be responsive to smartphones and tablets, all modern browsers and includes intuitive navigation on every page.

Flyrr  |  Write Stories  |  InnovateGSO